Martin Brûlé Studio

With an international perspective, an unconventional background, and a great reverence for the unpredictable beauty of nature, Martin Brûlé Studio has developed an approach that is at once steeped in history yet free of rules or restrictions.

An innate curiosity and an ability to appreciate myriad styles and eras give his work a chameleonic quality. Every project he works on is distinctly his, distinctly its own. While early 20th century motifs play heavily in his work, Brûlé looks towards the future rather than reimagining the past.

Instinctive yet informed, his creative process is built on experimentation, and he isn’t afraid to diverge from the expected. His spaces invite a closer look. As one’s eye wanders, it’s forced to pause, to question, to examine the thoughtful dialogues created between the elements within.

Brûlé and his team understand the importance of creating drama within a space – and that drama can come from restraint. His interiors are opulent but quietly so. For Martin Brûlé Studio, functionality and design are at times the real luxury.

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