Joseph Dirand

A 1999 graduate of the Paris‐Belleville School of Architecture, Joseph Dirand created his own agency the same year. At a very young age, he knew he would become an architect, while giving a presentation on Le Corbusier at school. His father, an architectural photographer, passed down his passion for traveling and helped him develop a sharp eye and creative skills. This heritage was fundamental in fostering his capacity to use photography, cinema, and architecture interactively.

Joseph Dirand developed a highly imaginative vocabulary. To tell a story, he plays on the abstract notion of functional elements and emphasizes the sensations that a specific space arouses in him. He takes into account the distinguishing identity of the spaces in which he works as well as the quality of light. He enjoys bringing together different genres, creating tension, illusions, and surprises. Harmony stems from this violent and sometimes brutal mode of creation. Joseph Dirand uses mathematical precision and perfectionism in designing lines, affirming his “style‐free” approach. A Parisian, he is above all an architect that is deeply rooted in the present, yet freely draws from the past.

To successfully complete his ambitious projects, he works with craftsmen whose expertise and extremely high qualifications are world-renowned. He views craftsmanship and its wide range of expertise as a genuine laboratory of ideas.
Today, the agency collaborates with individuals from around the world, forming a solid team that is in constant contact with Joseph Dirand. Each person works on his or her own architectural activities with the same shared passion, meticulousness, attention to detail and exceptional listening skills. This multidisciplinary agency offers construction, architecture and interior design for each project.

Joseph Dirand has an all‐encompassing approach as he views architecture as a coherent and global concept. These same goals are inherent in all of his various projects: hotels, restaurants, settings, private homes, and a broad array of fashion house and designers, which have paved the way to numerous eclectic and international encounters.


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